Frequently Asked Questions.

Here’s a few of the most common questions we get asked by customers looking to sell their vehicle to us. Our friendly and experienced team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

We are based in Braintree, Essex, offering a central and easy to reach store throughout Essex. Whether you live within or outside of Essex, you can benefit from our full online experience with no need to travel to our Braintree store at all – get your guaranteed valuation online and we’ll pickup your vehicle from your home or place of work.

Yes – however for both yours and our security we don’t give you physical cash. Instead we transfer the money for your vehicle directly into your bank account. The majority of our customers find this the most convenient way of taking the money – after all, who still uses cash?

With We Buy Essex Cars, you can sell your car fast! In fact you could have your vehicle sold in a matter of hours and the money into your bank account.

Yes, this is very common and we come across this a lot with many of our customers looking to sell their vehicle with outstanding finance. There are two ways to deal with this:

  1. You can contact the finance company yourself to settle your balance with them. Before we can pay you for your vehicle, we will need written confirmation from your finance company they have received full payment which has cleared into their account.
  2. The most popular option – we settle the outstanding finance for you and deduct the amount from the amount we pay you for your vehicle. To do this all you need to do it contact your finance company to obtain a settlement figure (you need to do this). We require written confirmation of the outstanding balance from them.

No. we requrie the V5 log book in order to be able to take pocession of your vehicle. If you don’t have a V5 log book, you can request a new one from the DVLA by visiting the following link:

You’ll receive a full refund for any full months tax you have remaining on your vehicle – however you must apply for this through the DVLA website:

Yes, if your vehicle does not have an MOT we will still purchase it from you – however the price maybe less than if it had a valid MOT certificate.

Yes, we will buy your vehicle even if it has faults. However, we require you to be transparent and honest with us about your vehicle at the valuation stage. If we uncover faults with your vehicle when we inspect it, this will be deducted from your vehicle valuation before being transferred into your account.

Yes, unlike a lot of other car buying services, we do not charge any fees. That means every penny from your valuation goes directly into your pocket. We like to keep things simple!

Yes! We are one of the only car buying services within Essex to offer you the ability to sell your car without getting off the sofa. Send us the details of your vehicle, including a few photos and we’ll give you a guaranteed valuation and collect your vehicle for free.

That’s up to you. Many of our customers enjoy the convenience, speed and security of selling their vehicle to We Buy Essex Cars. Selling your car privately may allow you to get a little more for your vehicle, however you’ll end up paying lots of advertising fees with the likes of AutoTrader, EBay and newspapers. Plus you’ll have to show strangers around your vehicle and hope you’re not being scammed during the process. Not to mention it can take weeks or months to sell your car privately.

Yes, we’ll come and pick your vehicle up FREE of charge from your home or place of work.

Yes. And we’ll pay you £1 per mile to come and drop off your vehicle to us in Braintree, Essex. We’ll transfer the additional money into your account along with the money for your vehicle.

We recommend giving us all the paperwork you have on the vehicle when you drop it off or when we collect it. We’ll then do all the boring bits of completing the paperwork before collecting a few signatures from yourself to transfer your vehicle to us.

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